Beyond Your Salesforce Implementation Go-Live: 4 Ways a Managed Service Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

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Beyond Your Salesforce Implementation Go-Live: 4 Ways a Managed Service Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

Posted by: Brendan Keating
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Beyond Go live with Ignyto Managed Service

The go-live has been a success, and there’s lots of excitement, enthusiasm (and relief) at all of the effort put into the project before this crucial milestone. However, the work continues as ‘transformations ‘continue after the closure of a project. 

In many ways, the work has only just begun because to ensure you realise the benefits of the new capabilities and features you have deployed into your Salesforce environment, you need to ensure that your users adopt the new ways of working and that you can adapt to both changes in your business and the technology you are leveraging. 

With this in mind, it is therefore essential that businesses have a means to address these points. We will discuss below how this is often best achieved via a ‘Managed Service.’

Adoption – Keep your team Engaged with a Managed Service

Problem: Many tactics used to drive user adoption happen throughout the delivery of the project. However, now that your users are ‘live’, you need to ensure adoption remains high. Low adoption leads to underutilised features, frustrated users, and missed ROI.

Solution: A managed service acts as your partner in driving continuous adoption. Here’s how:

A managed service supports this in several ways.

  1. Unlock Insights: A Managed service can help you track key adoption ‘metrics’ like logins and user activity to identify users or teams who might require additional training or ‘drop-in’ sessions to cover any queries they may have about a new process or way of working. Potential challenges or bottlenecks can be identified and resolved quickly.
  2. Expert Guidance: Having access to the project team that ‘built the system’ via a managed service means ‘how do I do this again’ questions can be answered quickly and clearly. This gives users the answers they need to give them the confidence to use the system as designed and ensure the benefits are delivered. 
  3. Future Proof Learning: Adoption is not only a concern immediately after go-live. Adopting new employees, onboarding new teams onto Salesforce, and supporting existing users in adopting new features and functionality are all things that need to be considered as part of ‘adoption’. Therefore, having a managed service that maintains and develops support materials (how-to guides, videos, etc.) means you are well-placed to drive high adoption rates.
  4. Actionable Feedback: As your users become more familiar with the system, they will no doubt have ideas and feedback on how Salesforce could be used to continue supporting your evolving business needs. Ongoing adoption is much more likely if your users feel they are listened to and that there is a chance that the best ideas will be implemented. Luckily, the Ignyto Managed Service offering is built in a way that supports this, as we will see in the next section…

Businesses Evolve & Grow

Problem: As your business grows and you need to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, your systems must evolve to support this. 

Solution: The Ignyto Managed Service offering helps businesses innovate and adapt in several ways. 

  1. Empowering User Innovation: Ignyto’s Feedback Manager is a pre-built app that allows your users to submit ideas and for other users to review and vote on them. This will enable you to generate a backlog of enhancements from the people in your business who work closest to your customers and, therefore, might have a different perspective on what needs to change versus the more top-down view from ‘management’.
  2. Leveraging Expert Insights: The Ignyto managed service team are able to not only draw from their experience of working in the field but insights from a range of different implementations that they have been involved in compared to an internal administrator who will only be working on one instance of Salesforce and may therefore lack this broader insight. 

Ongoing Technology Advancements with a Managed Service

Problem: Salesforce has three quite comprehensive releases a year, and businesses need to ensure they are getting the most from them 

Solution: Having a managed service from a Salesforce partner like Ignyto means you can continue to benefit from your ongoing investment. Here’s how. 

  1. Unlocking New Potential: The role of the Ignyto managed service team is to review and recommend features you need to start using that might benefit your business and its objectives. Access to a team that can see how other companies have deployed certain features means the managed service can advise on how your business might also benefit from these.
  2. Maintenance and upkeep: As Salesforce develops its platform, it is necessary to complete several ‘maintenance’ activities as features get updated or depreciated. For example, there is a requirement to migrate automation from process builders to flows. Having a Managed Service with Ignyto means you have support from people who are aware of these upcoming requirements and know the best ways to approach these, having done so across numerous Salesforce environments. 

Cost Considerations

Problem: The latest data from the Salesforce talent market suggests you could pay £50,000 a year for an internal Salesforce admin, which is before you consider recruitment fees and the employee’s ramp time to become efficient in their role.

Solution: A Managed Service from Ignyto will likely cost you less than this, and you also avoid the risks associated with what happens if your internal admin was to leave your organisation. 

Investment Protection

Salesforce implementations can deliver a lot of value to a business, but of course, this comes with what can be a significant investment. As with anything you invest in, it is wise to protect such an investment somehow. Ignyto has built Managed Service packages that do just this. 


Continuously assessing whether your users are adapting to the new ways of working, analysing to determine if the change is delivering the impact the business intended it to have, and having experience on call that can advise how to evolve your system so that it can continue to support a changing business means you have a well-protected investment both now and in the future.

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