Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s number 1 CRM & sales force automation application.
Salesforce Sales Cloud allows your entire business to connect with your Customers in a whole new way at any time, on any device. Also using a single CRM platform like Salesforce Sales Cloud you can now manage the entire customer journey from capturing and responding to leads in record time, to managing deals to right to closing. As Salesforce for Sales is the world’s #1 CRM platform, it lets your team sell faster, smarter, and the way you want. Salesforce allows you to manage leads, contacts, accounts & opportunities from anywhere, on any device. As part of your CRM Salesforce project we will work with you to focus on:

Increasing your Sales Revenue with Salesforce Sales Cloud

By improving your sales team effectiveness, streamlining sales processes and using the power of Sales Cloud; the world’s number 1 CRM, our customers report substantial increases in Sales Revenue.

Win more deals

Using powerful insights, having a 360 degree view of your customers, timely action reminders and easy collaboration tools, meaning your team will be perfectly positioned to close more business – faster!

Allow your team to be more efficient

With Salesforce Sales Cloud your team will spend more time selling and less time doing admin work or manual processes over and over again.

Typical improvements

Salesforce customers on average experienced the following improvement after they implemented Salesforce.

37% increase in Sales Revenue
37 % increase in Win Rate (Improvement in percentage of opportunities converted to sales)
43 % improvement in Lead Conversion Rates (Increase in number of leads converted to sales opportunities)
48 % increase in Sales Forecast Accuracy (forecasted revenue vs. actual revenue)
44 % improvement in Sales Productivity (Improvement in amount of time your team spend on productive sales activities)

By implementing Salesforce to turbocharge your Sales team you will be able to:

Track leads and customers through the sales cycle.
Communicate with potential customers at the right time by leveraging marketing automation and easy to use collaboration tools.
Get real time visibility of your sales forecasts versus performance • Automate manual workflows, have your finger on the pulse at all times with live reports, and dashboards.
Identify the best up-sell and cross sell opportunities.
Use the right tools for intelligence and productivity at every stage of your sales cycle.
Allow your team to spend more time selling with improved efficiency with Salesforce Sales Cloud.
Use process systemisation and automation, the result of which is improved profits and smarter business choices with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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